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PATH is a non-profit coalition of organizations that help people with unwanted same-sex attractions (SSA) realize their personal goals for change -- whether by developing their innate heterosexual potential or by embracing a lifestyle as a single, non-sexually active man or woman. Collectively, our organizations have worked with thousands of men, women and youth who are finding peace and fulfillment by resolving their SSA feelings in ways that are emotionally healing, gender-affirming, congruent with their deeply held values and beliefs, and supportive of their individual life goals. Some have transitioned out of a homosexual identity and lifestyle, while others have avoided ever fully going into it. Some have married and had children of their own. Some have saved their existing marriages and families. Some have found fulfillment in living as a single man or woman, with no homosexual involvement. Whatever their individual circumstances and life goals, they have found from personal experience that there are, indeed, positive alternatives that are right for them rather than living a homosexual life.


Many people who experience same-sex attractions (SSA) choose not to act on those feelings and not to embrace a homosexual identity. In many cases, they also choose to affirm and develop their heterosexual desires and pursue their dream of raising a family. We respect and affirm their choice.


We do not seek to force our viewpoint on anyone, to tell others what they "should" do, or to shut down others' voices. We do work to raise awareness of alternatives to living a homosexual life -- alternatives that many have found to be positive, life-affirming and congruent with their values, morals and beliefs. We support freedom of information.


Individuals conflicted over their same-sex attractions have the right to decide whether to seek counseling or therapy; what kind of counseling to seek; to be made aware of all alternatives; and to determine the desired direction of their own therapy program. Professional organizations should enhance rather than inhibit the client's right of self-determination.  


Individuals who have transitioned out of a former homosexual identity and lifestyle, or who choose to pursue alternatives to homosexuality, deserve compassion and respect. Their choices should not subject them to discrimination, ridicule, marginalization, or make them the target of hate speech or accusations of homophobia. Demands for tolerance by one group can never justify intolerance or ridicule of another.  


All branches of government should avoid actions or decisions that would inhibit free speech about, or the practice of, freely chosen alternatives to homosexuality. Of particular concern are laws regarding hate crimes and sexual orientation that may be construed to make it illegal to promote or even speak about alternatives to homosexuality.  


We claim equal access to public forums to state our viewpoint, share our experience, and to raise awareness of alternative responses to a homosexual identity and lifestyle. This is particularly vital in cases where public schools address the issue of sexual orientation.

Understanding Same Sex Attraction

PATH Partners
(Please go to Resources page for information about each partner)

  • American College of Pediatricians

  • Anglican Mainstream UK (Christian, United Kingdom)

  • Core (Christian, Northern Ireland)

  • Courage (Roman Catholic)

  • Family Watch International (Secular)

  • German Institute for Youth and Society (Scientific)

  • Help 4 Families (Gender Issues)

  • Homosexuals Anonymous (Christian Fellowship)

  • International Healing Foundation (Non-religious)

  • International Institute of Reorientation Therapies (Scientific-Non-religious)

  • Jason (International Christian Ex-Gay Ministry)

  • Joel 2:25 (Christian with 24hr Prayer Line)

  • JONAH: Jews Offering New Alternatives for Healing (Jewish)

  • NARTH: National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (Scientific)

  • North Star (LDS)

  • Obiettivo Chiare (Catholic - Italy) (Cattolica - Italia)

  • OneByOne (Presbyterian)

  • PARAKALEO (Christian, U.K. - Gender Identity Confusion)

  • PFOX: Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays (Non-religious)

  • People Can Change (Non-religious)

  • Powerful Change Ministry Group (African-American Christian)

  • RENACER (Secular Mexico)

  • The Jonah Institute Of Gender Affirmation (Secular, International)

  • Transforming Congregations (Christian USA)

  • True freedom Trust (Christian UK)

  • Venser

  • Voices of Change (Sponsored by P.A.T.H.)

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